Political Writing

Police Killings: A Product of America’s Many Problems –

“Every morning I check the news and see another story about another American police officer who has killed, beaten or unlawfully treated another human being. The killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York began a movement highlighting the inequalities of police treatment of Black Americans, yet while race does play into the situation often, if we remove race from the equation momentarily, the raw facts are still terrifying.”

Creative Writing

 What I Learned From an Adventure in Tanzania – Huffington Post Education Blog 

“I have only been to Africa once before: at the age of 14 I visited my family in South Africa for two weeks. Every morning I woke up on the foot of a mountain to the smell of the Katjie Piering bush. After stealing an orange from my Oupa’s orange tree, I would begin the day marveling at the beauty of the surrounding African Bush as I peeled my stolen fruit. When my time in South Africa was over, I vowed that I would once again step foot upon African soil. While I do not consider myself to be African — granted I am the only one of my entire family not born on African soil — I can’t help feeling a connection to its lands. Perhaps it is some sort of second generation familiarity from growing up listening to my parents tell stories of their country of origin, or maybe I am just one of those people who are destined to fall in love with Africa, but when I stepped foot in Tanzania I did feel something of a comfort being back on these lands. And so began my Tanzanian Adventure.” 


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